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初一英语同义句转换1.Why not help her? 2.My mother gives me money. 3.Did you have a good time last Sunday? 4.What about

英语的同义句(初一)1. get to 2. It's to 3. which way 4. the bus

初一英语的同义句转换..越多越好..多的追加一、同义句 1.both of them are students.(否定句)=(neither of them)isn't (a student).2.they can hardly dedcide w

初一英语句型转换同义句spell it,pleasehow do you spell it?目前还只想到这一个

初一英语(同义句)1,Where does electricity come from? 2, Jack doesn't have enough money. 3, Nancy answered the question politely

七年级英语(同义句)it was not easy to answer the question . (it is +形容词+to do ) i found it very interesting to play

谁能给我提供一些初中英语的常用同义句?真是怕了你了.这些看看行不行 ---------------- 1. be different from=be not the same as 和…不同 2.

求几道初一英语句子的同义句I didn't call you this evening --I didn't call you (tonight). Can you tell me the way to the hospital?

英语初一一些同义句转换.进来的二百五别给我翻译啊!_百度1.Show your new bike tome please,Henry show sb sth = show sth to sb 2.Put out the light when you leave,

初一英语之写出下列句子的同义句1. is Jim's 2. Do belong to you 3. belongs to Tom and Jack is Jim and Jack's 4.doesn't belong to

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