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求FEint vAgrAnt歌词,谢谢!

歌曲名:Feint 歌手:Epica 专辑:Gothic Spirits Epica-----Feint favor The very brightest candle of all has been extinguished Smothered by those who could not bear to face reality Every beat of your heart tore the lies all apart Mad...

[ti:Vagrant(ft.Veela)] [ar:Feint] [al:Alchemy] [by:T.n.G] [00:03.50]Vagrant(ft.Veela) [00:08.25]作、编、词:Feint、Veela [00:10.32]Sing:Feint、Veela [00:13.84] [00:22.89]There's a reason she's alone [00:25.92]You can't pin her...

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