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“兼职”的英文怎么说?part-time job兼职 part-time duty personnel兼职 Part-timer 兼职人员 He is in an anomalous position as the only

兼职英语怎么说part-time job

兼职工作用英语怎么说part-time job

兼职用英语怎么说(part-time available) part-time完全可以表示你的意思

我申请了一份兼职工作,用英语怎么说?Iapplied for a part-time job

做兼职挣点生活费,用英语怎么说做兼职挣点生活费, 英文翻译 Do a part-time job to earn some living expenses,

你的父母同意你做兼职吗用英语怎么说?Do your parents agree that you do the parttime jobs

的暑假里,我做了一个月的兼职服务员”用英语怎么说?i was working/worked/had worked as a waiter (for)a month in last summer vacation. 都可以 具体细节有点不同

“社会兼职”的英语怎么说?社会兼职 1. Affiliations 2. Social service/work

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